Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Camp Pine Cove

This is how I found Abs on Saturday when I picked her up.  Happy and collecting grasshoppers.

I saw Em first, but of course she is too cool for pictures these days.  Em had a GREAT time.  She couldn't wait to tell me though all the things her sister had done wrong.  It was like she spent her week taking notes on her sister so she could relay it back to me.  Ugh.

She started with the two feet of mud on her head and Ab's refusal to get out of the mud pit during Battle of the Brumbies.  I talked to Ab's counselor who told me that Abs was a blessing.  Really?  Someone else loves her?

They had an end of the session program and showed a quick blurb from the highlights CD.  I want to go to Camp Pine Cove.

Em and her counselor.

They both had a great time.  I asked Abs counselor if she slept okay.  The kid slept through the night every.single.night.  I guess I need to recreate camp at my house so she can sleep here.  

They did have a couple of problems with Abs, but it didn't sound like anything too serious.  They are both signed up for next year.  I don't know who is more excited, me or them?
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Anonymous said...

I used to love camp. Sounds like a blast!

Allison @ I heart Change said...

I'm glad they had such a great time! I love that first picture of Abs.. she looks so happy.

And when did Em grow up so much?? I know I saw her nearly two years ago but she is so grown up!

Jackie said...

It took 2 days to soak and wash all that mud out of Abs' jeans and shirt! She must have enjoyed her mud bath.