Friday, June 18, 2010

Regular Jane

My husband is a Regular, so Regular Jane day it was today.  Of course since I have always wanted to join the military, I jumped at the chance.  All it did was to make my desire stronger to join, but with three kids, a husband who is gone all the time, and the fact that I am somewhat opinionated and strong-willed, I have to settle for events like this.

We did a PT test complete with a run.

We threw grenades.  We road marched.  Sang cadences.

This is Em waiting for us to road march, trying on her brother's astronaut helmet.

We visited the AWT.  (Automatic Weapons Trainer)

Guns.  My family fell in love with it.  Abs really fell in love with it.

The smile on Em's face is priceless.  We got to shoot 240 machine guns and M16's.

I liked the machine gun the best.

Gunner wouldn't have been a cool uncle if he didn't hook up our nephew.  He LOVED it.

Abs was constantly on the guns, screaming out "I love guns" and "This is awesome" or "Can I PLEASE go again?".

The Soldiers loved her enthusiasm.

When everyone was done, the Soldiers that had been waiting for a chance to get on the guns too, jumped in next to Abs.
She has asked for a machine gun for Christmas.  Oh dear.


Radiant Readhead said...

that is may have a future female soldier on your, and we would love to have her! we need more enthusiastic girls like her:) i must admit, being IN the Army is easier than being the Army wife, I am both, lol, and days like tomorrow make me nervous...i have to go to the governor's mansion for lunch w/ my husband...put me in ACUs, combat boots and put a weapon in my hand, and I am great! put me in a dress, heels, w/ a cocktail in my hand, and I am not so much! oh well:)

The Mrs. said...

glad to see the sharpie marker came off her face!

you know the last couple pics would make an excellent christmas card this year....

Mrs. Wifey said...

Wow...seems like you guys had so much fuN!!!!

Musings Of An Army Wife

The Wifey said...

Those pictures are awesome! It looks like so much fun! I am glad everyone had a blast. I would love to do that sometime.

dutchgirl (Ellen) said...

Look at you, all natural behind that weapon!! Very cool. I wouldn't mind taking a PT test, I've never done that and I'd love to know how I'd score.