Thursday, June 17, 2010

My status...

Sometimes I wish I could just put my FB status in a blog.

Why can't I?

ABW  told Junior he had a tree in his ear and I needed to clean it. I cleaned them out and he started sobbing "My tree is dead, you killed my tree, how could you?" over and over again.

ABW  gets to play Army tomorrow and Gunner gets to watch. I can't wait! Unfortunately shooting a tank didn't make the list of things to do. Wimps, I am sure I am a good shot!

ABW watched Gunner try to get Junior out of the tub last night, but he wouldn't budge because his hands weren't wrinkled yet.....or "moldy" as he calls it. "I can't get out until I am moldy!"

ABW just got baseball tickets for Gunner, my nephew and Em. It's Jimmy Buffet night so I was hoping for free margaritas for the adults, but it was only leis for everyone, so I opted to stay home with the kids that didn't want to go.

ABW Laughed when Gunner told her what happened on the way home from the airport with Jr & abs.They found a roll of paper towels in the back seat and decided that they wanted the cardboard roll.Gunner wasn't paying attention until he saw the entire backseat covered with unrolled paper towels and a fight started over the emptyroll.Trying to be diplomatic he cut it in half. I would have taken the roll and kept it.

ABW is HOME. I left hundred degree temperatures to sit in 50 degree temps, windows open, laundry going, and an entire house to clean. I'll never blame a dirty house on the kids again, only on their dad!

ABW  believes that someone (Gunner) was messing with her netflix queue as Legion and Ninja Assassin are arriving on Monday. What happened to Dear John & Memoirs of a Geisha (Gunner)? Did you forget (Gunner) that we will be home early next week?

I also posted that on Gunner's facebook, and he responded with:
Gunner Someone (Gunner) thought you could watch all the sappy chick flix when someone (Gunner) was deployed for a year.


Briar Rose said...

I want to be your friend on facebook just so I can read your statuses!!! Sad, huh?

Sucks that shooting a tank didn't make the list! I keep telling my hubster that I want to get in his tank one day and see what is like and he just laughs at me!

The Mrs. said...


speaking of being a good shot we sent out a joke xmas card one year of me, in hungting gear shooting my FIL's shotgun with a little dove flying with a banner that said Peace on Earth and then we added, thru superior fire power. hilarious.

Allison @ I heart Change said...

I love your status updates! They make my day. But I don't want to think about Abs in a tank.